8 Reasons to Do Yoga in the Morning

Doing Yoga in the morning helps to start the day off on the right foot. Regardless of the time of the year, even when it’s cold, gloomy and rainy, it will be the most energizing and enlightening experience. When you do it in the morning, you are not only exercising your body but your mind as well which will bring a positive effect to you and your day.

Incorporating early morning yoga practice into your daily routine is the best habit you can have. Yoga could transform your body and your mind in many beneficial ways you could ever imagine.

It may take you a few days to get into the routine but once you are in, you will almost immediately notice the benefits and changes in you. Even more, you will notice this on the days when you skip the practice. With that being said, let’s have a look at 8 reasons to do yoga in the morning:

Doing yoga in the morning
8 reasons to do yoga in the morning 7
8 reasons to do yoga in the morning
8 reasons to do yoga in the morning 8

1. Mental Clarity

Doing yoga daily helps with mental clarity. When we are focused on a particular pose to hold a balance, we tend to think about that pose and forcing our mind to focus. Ultimately, we stop thinking about other thoughts and keep our mind sharp focused on the pose. Consistently, practising yoga I found a significant increase in perception of mental energy and become more alert.

2. Increased Energy Level

Practising yoga regularly increases energy level. Since I started practising yoga for a year, I noticed that my energy level increased. It naturally stimulates my energy and sets me up for a productive day.

Doing yoga in bed
8 reasons to do yoga in the morning 9

3. Tone Up, Gaining Flexibility and Strength

It is quite easy to increase your flexibility and overall strength through yoga. When I started yoga, I noticed that my joints and muscles became prime and more flexible. It also decreases the risk of injury.

4. Boosts Your Metabolism and Helps You Lose Weight

To lose weight, you must practice doing yoga as often as possible. I recommend doing yoga in the morning because it helps in boosting your metabolism throughout the day which can help you lose weight.

Doing yoga at home
8 reasons to do yoga in the morning 10

5. Slashes Stress

Numbers of studies have shown that yoga is perfect for stress reduction. Personally speaking, yoga eased my stress levels and anxiety. It enhanced my overall sense of well-being because it encourages relaxation. The main reason why people tend to feel relaxed after yoga is that it focuses on the three main aspects of ourselves that are frequently affected by stress: our mind, body and breathing.

6. Cardiovascular Benefits

Yoga increases circulation and blood flow which is why it is good for the heart. It helps reduce the risk of hypertension, stroke and heart disease. As mentioned, yoga manages stress which is critical for our heart health, that’s why it very beneficial to our overall cardiovascular health.

Doing yoga in the morning by the lake
8 reasons to do yoga in the morning 11

7. Betters Your Bone Health

Having to do yoga for a year really helped me improve my balance which protects me from falling, one of the risks in osteoporotic fractures. There are several studies about yoga and its success in increasing bone density. It was proven that there has been a significant increase in the bone density of the spine from doing yoga.

8. Drains Your Lymph and Boosts Immunity

Doing inverted yoga poses increases the circulation of the lymph as lymph moves by muscular contractions. Inverted yoga poses encourage lymph to flow freely through the nose and throat.

Bonus – Improves The Quality of Life

Yoga has been an adjunct therapy that enhanced my personal quality of life when I started doing it daily, especially with my everyday mood and fatigue. Not only that, but it also improved my sleep quality and my spiritual well-being.
Several studies have affirmed the advantages and benefits of doing yoga. Incorporating it into your daily routine would make a significant change in your own lives. It is certain that doing yoga every day, even just for 15 minutes, will make an evident difference in your overall health.

Improves the quality of life
8 reasons to do yoga in the morning 12



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  1. Cess

    I love yoga so much and it’s amazing to know that all of that stretching has a lot of benefits! 💛

  2. Jeannie

    Yes to yoga in the morning! You laid out the good reasons why its beneficial and all are true and what I like about yoga especially being a runner it helps me a lot.

  3. leena

    Beautifully written, its really inspired me to take up yoga, there’s so many benefits and looks so relaxing

  4. Ronald

    Super complete and inspiring article 🙂 It’s great to see how many benefits Yoga has, I am definitely motivated to do it more often now!

  5. Headphonesthoughts

    I love working out in the morning. Its for starting off the day.

    • Aditi Jain

      I love morning yoga sesh. Makes me fresh and energetic throughout the day.

  6. Evie

    I absolutely love yoga. The mental clarity alone is so valuable and really does help to reset my day. Cant seem to have time in the morning with getting the kids off to school now, but early afternoon is perfect for me.

  7. Natascha

    Absolutely agree with this post! Morning yogas are so beneficial, both for your mental and physical health!
    Thank you so much for sharing

  8. Jennifer Record

    I have no more excuses! These are all meaningful reasons and motivate me!

  9. Deanna

    I love yoga, and what great benefits you listed! I haven’t been doing an entire yoga workout for a while now, just a few poses here and there. Thank you for the inspiration to get back at it.


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