Arcade Independence Square is a popular place amongst locals and tourists for great shopping, leisure and dining. We have been visiting Arcade Independence Square many times because we love the place for shopping and Dilmah tea. We never tried any food at the cafeteria and wanted to check it out if there are any vegan options were available.

Vegan Options – Godamba Roti and Coconut Sambol

It was a bit disappointing to find out that Arcade’s cafe has hardly anything available for vegans. But not to worry, we managed to satisfy our hunger with Godamba Roti and Pol Sambol ordering from one of the outlets in the cafe.

The Godamba Roti is Sri Lankan large round bread looks like wraps but very soft and stretchy. This delicious bread is normally cooked on a hot plate and can be eaten on its own or with curries and sambols.

Pol sambol (coconut sambol) is a traditional Sri Lankan condiment made from grated coconut with chillies, onions and lime.

The food was tasty and most importantly vegan-friendly. Some sambol isn’t suitable for vegans because it can contain Maldive fish. So you need to check the sambol before ordering.

You can also find in the cafe an outlet that selling fresh juices. I particular liked wood apple juice without sugar and would definitely recommend it.

Arcade Independence Square - Vegan Options in Colombo

Godamba Roti and Coconut Sambol – Arcade Independence Square


I don’t recommend this cafe for vegan food. There is nearly nothing available for vegans except juices. Had been there several times due to the great shopping experience, however, we only found a vegan option once and couldn’t find it again on subsequent visits.

By the time you visit the Arcade Independence Square, you might be lucky to find some outlets offering vegan options but it’s not guaranteed.

Address: Independence Square, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka