Barefoot Garden Cafe – Vegan Finger Food in Colombo

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Barefoot cafe with vegan options – colombo

Barefoot Garden Cafe in Colombo what Vegan Food can they offer?

My husband and I planned to visit Barefoot Garden Cafe since we arrived in Colombo. I was eager to find out what vegan food can they offer if any. Finally, my husband and I seating in this beautiful Cafe in the open air enjoying jazz music and nibbling vegan finger food with a glass of fresh juice in our hands. 

What vegan finger food did we have at the Barefoot Garden Cafe? 

There weren’t many vegan options available on the menu which is unfortunate but you can find a small selection. The vegan dishes are not labelled on the menu however, the ingredients of the dishes are listed and you can easily see which dish is likely to be vegan. Also, the staff knew what vegan means and with their confirmation, we placed an order. 

We had three delicious dips: olive, hummus and baba ghanoush with pita and fresh cut vegetables. The portion was a reasonable size and was enough for two to share. The dish was freshly-made, tasty and yet filling. While we thought that the dips would be enough we also had in mind to check out wedges and it would be perfect to munch on while working on the computers. The wedges were well seasoned, crispy and hot served with a pot of ketchup. Our food was great and we enjoyed every bit of it.

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Vegan options wedges and three dips with pitta & vegetables
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Dips olive, hummus, babaganoush with pitta and fresh cut vegetables

The coffee and the freshly made juice were very good. ( they don’t usually add sugar into their fresh juices but it is worth mentioning to the waiter). There are only a few places in Colombo which don’t add sugar into a freshly made juices. Sometimes they mention sometimes don’t. Otherwise, like in most places by default, they add sugar into the juice unless you specify. 


Barefoot Garden Cafe is a hidden gem attached to the store cafe may not offer a wide selection of food suitable for vegans but it became one of our favourite places to visit in Colombo. We loved everything about them, beautiful layout, service, great vibe and welcoming atmosphere. And of course, become one of our favourite places for vegan finger food.

Where to find barefoot garden cafe?

Address: 704 Galle Rd, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 112 589 305

Food: 4.5/5

Loos: 4/5

Ambience: 5/5 Listen to live jazz every Sunday lunchtime.

Cost: Average ($15 for a platter to share and 2 soft drinks)

Laptop Friendly? – Yes

Parking – Own parking


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