Can you find vegan food at Canowin Arcade, Rest stop?

When you plan to go travelling it could be a daunting task for vegans when comes to food. You always plan in advance what food to take with you for a long journey. However, in Sri Lanka, is not that difficult to find vegan food at rest stops. Almost at every eaterie and food court, you will find plain rice and vegetable curries (fried vegetables in coconut oil) or pol sambol suitable for vegans. The worth case scenario, you can eat fruits sold in abundance on the road stalls in Sri Lanka.

Whenever we go to Galle or Hikkadua we always stop at Canowin Arcade rest stop to enjoy a variety of vegan food they offer. It opens 24 hours and ready to serve hungry customers. It is a very popular rest stop for travellers and tour buses. The food court offers a large selection of local food and drinks at a very reasonable price.

There are many outlets to choose your meal from and picking vegan food is not a problem. We ended up ordering vegetable curry from one outlet and a vegetable kottu – Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti (a thin pancake) and vegetables from another outlet. Both dishes were vegan and were very tasty.

Canonwin Arcade - Rest Stop Vegan Options on the Southern Expressway
Vegetable Kottu – Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti
Canowin Arcade - Rest Stop Vegan Options on the Southern Expressway
Vegan Food Canowin Arcade – Rest Stop Sri Lanka

The place is normally crowded with hungry people 🙂 but there are plenty of seats available and you won’t be left without one.

The staff are generally used to tourists and there is at least one member of staff from each outlet that can confirm vegan options. (as usual, you need to specify individual items such as eggs, milk, cheese, butter and ghee)

Address: Southern Express Way, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 342 241 077