Does the Crescat Boulevard food court in Colombo offer vegan food?

I was very curious to find out if the food court of Crescat Boulevard offers vegan food. In the past, I visited some food courts where I spent some time looking for vegan food running from one restaurant to another. Ultimately, finding nothing suitable for vegans. I wasn’t there, particularly for food but we were hungry after some shopping and wanted to eat something.

The food court is based in the basement of a Crescat Boulevard shopping mall. You can find many food chains and franchises offering from pizzas to Mongolian and South Indian dishes at a reasonable price. There is also a fruit juice stall selling freshly pressed smoothies and juices. I particularly loved their wood apple juice. It was fresh with unique flavours.

The food court is not particularly vegan-friendly but if you look around, you might be able to find some outlet offer one or two dishes without any animal products in it.

Crescat Boulevard, Sri Lankan Outlet – Vegan Food

The first option we had in mind was the South Indian vegetarian outlet. But we were disappointed when we found out that every dish they had, had ghee or milk in it. We thought of going to the Sri Lankan non-veg outlet and find some vegan-friendly dishes.

That’s exactly what we did. We ended up ordering from there. We had steamed rice with side dishes: salad, pol sambal (made from coconut and chilli) yam and Dambala (winged beans). The food was good but nothing special. However, it was nice to know that there was an option available for vegans.

If you are in the mall doing the shopping and starving then I would recommend going to the food court and choice something from Sri Lankan outlet. We had food there only once and whenever we felt hungry we would rather wait and go somewhere else with better options.

Crescat Boulevard food court is normally overcrowded and it might be difficult to find a seat during lunch time.

Crescat Food Court - Vegan Food Options In Colombo

Crescat Food Court – Vegan Food Options In Colombo

Crescat Food Court - Vegan Food Options In Colombo

Steamed rice with side dishes: salad, pol sambal and yam

I was pleased to find out that there are some vegan options available for vegans although there weren’t many choices.

Address: Mahanuga Gardens, Colombo, Sri Lanka