Heladiv Tea Club in Colombo is known for teas and it was worth checking out if they serve any vegan food or snacks. It found opposite the World Trade Centre amongst the other restaurants, cafes and shops at the old Dutch hospital building. This square is very popular among tourists and locals and we were hoping that we can find some places that will offer vegan food. 

Heladiv Tea Club

We sat down outside in the open to air square which was quite nice with a pleasant atmosphere.

Does Heladiv Tea Club offer Vegan Food? 

It turns out that the cafe offers mainly vegetarian food and the good thing is that one of the vegetarian items can be made suitable for vegans. It was veggie patty burger without cheese, mayo, butter, etc (as always make sure you go through the entire list)
The burger tasted Okay. It actually reminded me of a vegetarian burger from McDonald’s we used to buy when we were students. We were hungry enough to order anything as long as it was suitable for vegans. Surprisingly, the burger didn’t come with any fries however, it did come with sad looking salad.

The teas tasted good we tried two different types and they were strong and aromatic. 

I wouldn’t go out of my way for this place however, The Ministry Of Crab which is in the same court is extremely popular and this is maybe your only option if you are out with your friends and end up in this area.

I didn’t see any other restaurants in this square offering vegan food. 

Heladiv Tea Club is not exactly the place for food. They specialise in Teas and it was nice to find out that one of their vegetarian options was suitable for us.  

While the teas were nice, it was nothing to write home about. We are off to Dilmah Tea Lounge next to enjoy a cuppa over there.

Conclusion: Heladiv Tea Club and Vegan Food

They do not specify that they offer vegan food but you need to speak to the manager and ask if they can make you a vegan sandwich or a vegan-friendly burger. 

They serve beautiful teas. 

Address:  Dutch Hospital, No 8, Old, Colombo 20000, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 115 753 377

Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Cost: Average ($15 for a couple)

Laptop Friendly – N/A