Here are some attributes to look out for when choosing durian.


Perfectly ripe durian should have a creamy texture, soft not rubbery with fruity vanilla-flowery, caramel aroma.

Knocking Sound

I observed that durian lovers before buying the fruit, shake it first and listen. I was wondering what they were listening for? It turns out that they listen for the knocking sound of the seed. So when the durian is ideally ripe the seed will loosen up from the shell and create clear rattling noise when you shake the fruit. Then you know its time to eat it!

Colour of the Spikes

Durian spikes colour should be green at the base and tips should be brown.


Take a durian and sniff along the seams or split lines of the durian. The smell should not be faint and neither overpowering it should be a heavenly pungent aroma.


I learnt that its taste depends on the age of its tree. The younger the tree the sweeter the fruit. The mature tree will yield more bitter fruit.


The thing about durian its either under riped or over riped. If it is unripe, the skin is hard and tough to open. Over riped durian will have deep cracks around its shell and it looks like the flesh is about to pop out of the husk then you know that this durian is old and pick another one.

Durian that already has been opened with a knife it most likely that someone else has already tested rejected it.

Paying the highest price it doesn’t mean that you will get the best quality. It is easy to scam when it comes to types of durian. It is better to go for cheaper durians but go for a few rather just trying one.

Here are some clues to help you avoid bad durian.

Clues to avoid Bad Durian

If you are interested in quantity over quality ( like I was on some days) then check it out all you can eat durian buffet.

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