Pineapple – Fruits You Must Try in Sri Lanka

Pineapple – Annasi in Singhalese is a very common tropical fruit. In addition, many countries like Sri Lanka, grow pineapple locally.

I found two types of this fruit. The common type ar type is called Queen pineapple. The Queen pineapple is relatively smaller in size therefore it’s much sweeter.  

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Pineapple in sri lanka

Regions like Kurunagala, Gampaha, Badhulla, Puttlam, similarly in Moneragala, Colombo and Galle have an abundance of pineapples around their areas.

They are seasonal therefore you can find an lots of them from May to June and only some in low season from December to January.

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Pineapple in sri lanka

It is the fruit that everybody loves. People like Sri Lankans enjoy it fresh, They commonly eat them with salt and chili powder sprinkled on top. It’s worth the try!

They are incredibly healthy fruits packed with essential vitamins and minerals and has protein-digesting enzyme Bromelain that can fight inflammation and disease.

Pineapples contains high amounts of vitamin C, one cup of pineapple – 165g  provides 131% of vitamin C as a Daily Requirement.

Benefits of Pineapple According To Healthline:

  • Pineapples are rich in nutrients. (Vitamin C, A and K, Phosphorus, Zinc, Calcium, and Manganese).
  • Contains antioxidants. Pineapples are loaded with healthy antioxidants therefore they help your body combat oxidative stress.
  • Its enzymes can ease digestion – Pineapples contain a group of digestive enzymes known as bromelain.
  • It may help reduce the risk of cancer – Cancer progression’s commonly linked to oxidative stress, therefore increased pineapple intake can reduce this.
  • May boost immunity and suppress inflammation
  • Can ease symptoms of arthritis
  • May speed recovery after surgery or exercise
  • Delicious and very easy to add to diet!

In conclusion, this fruit is absolutely healthy and nutritious therefore it’s totally okay to consume it everyday!

If you want to know more about exotic fruits found in Sri Lanka, click here.


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