Sapodilla is known as energy fruit. The reason being is due to its rich sweetness.

The fruit looks like a small potato fresh out of the ground but with the scurfy brown peel. The flesh of the fruit is light brown with black, flatten and glossy seeds. It has a texture of a pear, gritty and exceptionally sweet with a pleasant malty flavour.

When it’s reached ripens stage, the skin will become soft and saggy. Then cut the fruit in half, discard the seeds and enjoy eating flesh by scooping with the spoon.

in Sri Lanka, sapodilla is usually available year around but I haven’t seen it in abundance like other fruits. If you are lucky to spot sapodilla, sample it and you won’t be disappointed. 

Did you know that chicle, the latex obtained from the bark sapodilla’s tree was used as the main ingredient of chewing gum?

According to MediScene, sapodilla has a number of nutritional benefits for our health.

Health Benefits of Sapodilla – Sri Lankan Fruits