Mango Fruit – Amazing Fruits You Must Try In Sri Lanka

Mango: amazing fruits you must try in sri lanka

Mango Fruit, who doesn’t love them? If you do, then Sri Lanka is the right place which can offer an abundance of heavenly delicious mangoes. They are everywhere in supermarkets, pilled up on street stalls and roadsides. 

Mangoes fruit stand
Mangoes – amazing fruits you must try in sri lanka

In Sri Lanka, there are 20 different varieties of mangoes with different shape, size, colours each with its own distinct taste and flavours. It consumed ripe and unripened as a fruit, in liquid form juices and smoothies as well as pickles, chutneys, in curries, desserts and cakes.

I was introduced to Achcharu mango which is best eaten raw and mixed with chilli powder and salt. It was something about that flavours sweet and spicy zest that kept me coming back for more. I used to enjoy having it as a snack on the go whenever we go for a walk.  

Different mango snacks
Mangoes – amazing fruits you must try in sri lanka

Raw mangoes are used in cooking while ripe ones are best in salads, desserts, sorbets and ice-creams.

Don’t forget to try delicious mango curry served with rice.

It is very common to find mango trees growing in the garden of local homes.

Mangoes in different colours and flavours

Mangoes are not only loved by us but by Elephants as well. They will break in for this delicious fruit. In rural areas, locals protect their mango trees by setting up small fireworks in order to keep elephants away.


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