Delicious and most refreshing fruit, Rambutan!

This fruit is not always available in Sri Lanka as it’s seasonal. Rambutan season starts in May and lasts until the end of August. If you are in Sri Lanka during these months you will definitely be able to see in an abundance of it.

Exotic Fruits of Sri Lanka – Rambutan

It looks like a Sea urchin but not really….its skin is covered in fluffy soft hair which makes it look like a sort of a toy but not something you will associate with food 🙂 

It comes in two colours orange-red and yellow and both varieties are delicious…

It is easy to peel, press with your thumb gently and give it a squeeze and it will pop and then pull apart the leathery skin.

The fruit is quite meaty with the one large seed, it tastes deliciously sweet which is very similar taste to lychee. It is eaten raw and as far as I know, it’s not used for cooking in Sri Lanka.

This sweet juicy fruit you never want to miss out on, trying it, is a must!

Did you know that candles and soap can be made from the seed oil extracted from Rambutan?