Does Tea Avenue offer vegan options in Colombo?

My husband and I wanted to find out what Tea Avenue can offer for vegans if there were any options at all.

Most cafes and restaurants in Colombo, Sri Lanka will have some vegan-friendly choices although they don’t specify on the menu. If they don’t have anything suitable for vegans, most of the time they will be happy to customise the dish or snack making it vegan-friendly. In most cases, they can make sandwiches with suitable ingredients, serve you with a portion of chips or make a vegan burger with vegetables and coconut sambal. During our visit, we found out that Tea Avenue in Colombo, Sri Lanka offers Vegan Burgers made from polos.

Based on their menu, Tea Avenue specialises in teas brewing to perfection. They also offer premium coffees and chocolate-based drinks (not known if suitable for vegans) as well as meals and desserts. 

Tea Avenue - Café with Vegan Food Options
Premium Coffee by Tea Avenue

Delicious Vegan Burgers made with Polos 

Going through the menu there was a list of burgers. I was desperately hoping to find a vegan option in the burgers section but part of me was expecting there to be none. Just have a vegan option hidden away in the salads. And there it was…..a vegan burger. Spicy Polos Burger with Jalapenos served with Chips and Salad. Perfect! What more can I wish for?  

Tea Avenue - Café with Vegan Food Options
Spicy Polos Burger with Jalapeños served with Chips and Salad

Although the menu doesn’t specify vegan, you can tell by the listed ingredients below the dish if it’s suitable for vegans. However, bear in mind you can’t solely rely on its ingredients, you need always confirm with the waiter or manager before ordering any dishes in Sri Lanka unless it’s specified as “vegan” on the menu. 

Tea Avenue - Café with Vegan Food Options
Tea Avenue – Vegan Food Options

Polos (young jackfruit) Burger list had all veggie ingredients. Despite explaining that we were vegan, the burger arrived with a pot of mayonnaise. It wasn’t a big issue because we turned down the mayonnaise and still enjoyed the burger with ketchup instead.  

I absolutely enjoyed my polos burger. Good portion with a good amount of “meat”, very satisfying.  Polos is also very nutritious and you can find more about its nutritional benefits here. 

Tea Avenue - Café with Vegan Food Options

So we can say that Tea Avenue, in Colombo offers vegan options and I was particularly impressed with vegan burgers which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Loved the food. The prices, however, were ridiculously expensive, especially if you go there regularly to get some work done. But once in while why not treat yourself to a great vegan burger? 

There is ample space inside the restaurant, comfy sofas and soft music in the background. Perfect place to relax. 

Where to find

Address: 55 Barnes Pl, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 112 669 944

Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Cost: Average ($20 for a couple)

Laptop Friendly? – Yes

Parking – Difficult