What vegan options are offered by The Barnesbury in Colombo?

We stopped at The Barnesbury after my eyes caught a pretty garden outside of it. It was Sunday afternoon and we thought it might be worth to check out their menu. After all, the restaurant was beautiful and I was hoping to have some food over there. 

When we walked in, the place looked empty but there were members of staff everywhere, inside and outside. In fact, we had more than one member of staff greeting us. One of them showed us the dining area and the other one followed us with the menu.

The Barnesbury Cafe with Vegan Options Colombo
The Barnesbury Cafe

We were surprised finding out that not many options were vegan-friendly although you can select one or two at most. The menu had listed ingredients under each item and it was easy to choose the dish. As always, don’t just go by the ingredients. Make sure you confirm with the waiter that the dish you’re ordering is totally animal free. (in Sri Lanka, not many people aware of veganism)

Expensive Vegetable Soup

I ordered the vegetable soup. It wasn’t noted worthy but it was fresh and tasty more like a homemade soup. The soup was served with a piece of bread which I couldn’t have it because it had butter on it. ( and it wasn’t cheap!!).

The Barnesbury Cafe with Vegan Options Colombo
The Barnesbury Cafe – Vegan Soup

They do fresh juices and I love that. One of my favourite juices is papaya juice. It’s great when it served chilled without sugar. You should try it at the Barnesbury if you are papaya lover. The coffee was also very good. 

The Atmosphere

It was rather quiet due to emptiness. I am not sure if it was down to timing or because it was Sunday. There were about four or five members of staff doing absolutely nothing, looking bored and chatting to one another. It felt a little bit intimidating when you are the only customer in the whole restaurant. Because of that, we felt under pressure that we need to keep ordering in order to stay there.

The Barnesbury Cafe with Vegan Options Colombo
The Barnesbury Cafe – Nicely decorated restaurant

Overall, it’s a nice restaurant thoughtfully decorated with antique wall decor, crafts and paintings. As a result of that, the restaurant looks very attractive to spend time in, unfortunately not many options to eat for vegans at the time when we visited. 

Address: 91, Barnes Pl, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 112 682 144

Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 3/5

Cost: Average $8

Laptop Friendly? – Yes

Parking – Own parking