Sri Lanka never stops surprising me on how many vegan options are out there. As I mentioned in my blog Thinnai Organic Farm, the farm was still under construction and our food was delivered to us from Thinnai restaurant.

The Thinnai restaurant gets its supply from Tinnai Organic Farm and the food is very good. The restaurant knew what vegan means as they had vegan customers before and they catered according to their needs. In the evening around 6 p.m., a member of staff took our order from us and we agreed at what time the food will be delivered. The food arrived on time. Everything was nicely packed and the food was hot.

We ordered a curry each and didn’t realise that each curry was accompanied by many small curries. (pickles, vegetable dishes, papadam and grams) At first, we thought that the order was delivered by mistake to us but after going through the bill everything was right. So we ended up with a table full of delicious vegan food for two of us. The food was very tasty, freshly made with full of flavours. We set up a table by our tent and enjoyed our meal slowly while watching the stars. Eventually, we finished everything. It was so tasty that we couldn’t leave anything behind and couldn’t stop even though we were so full 🙂

The Thinnai - Vegan Food Options in Jaffna

The Thinnai – Vegan Food Options in Jaffna

The price for dinner was super cheap for the amount of food we had. Nothing to complain, the service was brilliant and we ended up with more than we asked for.

However, on the following day, we asked for a platter of fruits for breakfast which arrived on time. We thought it was a bit pricey for a bowl of fruits compared to the feast we had the day before which was the same price. (The real issue here was that they had used imported fruits instead of the fruits from the farm we stayed in)

Not too impressed by the breakfast but won’t complain as overall we had a great stay and had an amazing dinner.

Address: 86, Palaly Road Thirunelveli, Jaffna 40000

Parking: Street parking isn’t an issue.

Food: 5/5