These are the brands that offer a guilt-free indulgence, deliciously, heavenly chocolate from pleasantly rich, creamy and sweet to the finest and the most intense flavours for your inner chocoholic.

Vegan Chocolate Brands

1. iChok Chocolate Bars

Delicious Vegan Milk Chocolate by iChok

Germany-based brand iChoc is a top-quality treat for vegan chocoholics. Their milk chocolates (using rice milk) have been known for its ‘traditional’ chocolate taste, super creamy and super delicious with varieties of flavours from strong nutty to subtle vanilla undertones. Made from organic ingredients without artificial flavourings, no palm oil, neither contains emulsifiers such as soy lecithin. Plus, it comes in environmentally friendly packaging.

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2. Vego

Vego – Whole Hazelnut Vegan Chocolate Bar

The Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar blended with high-quality ingredients Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts. This delicious vegan chocolate bar is also Fairtrade certified, organic, gluten-free and without palm oil. What more could you ask for? If you love hazelnuts and aren’t keen on dark chocolate Vego is right for you.

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3. Galaxy

Galaxy Chocolate Bars – Caramelised Hazelnut, Caramel & Sea Salt

It’s great to see form Galaxy launching dairy-free favours vegan chocolate bars Caramelised Hazelnut, Caramel & Sea Salt and Smooth Orange. The hazelnut paste, as being the main ingredient gives a pretty good taste. Although you would be able to tell the difference between traditional milk chocolate, however, you won’t be disappointed. Galaxy brand demonstrated that dairy-free chocolate can have great taste and people can enjoy its flavours without the use of animals.

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4. Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla

Ombar Centres – Coconut & Vanilla Vegan Chocolate Bar

The UK based brand Ombar produce an exceptional range of chocolate bars made with organic, raw, all-natural, vegan and fair trade ingredients. Coconut & Vanilla is on top of the range. Its rich and creamier flavour due to its high concentration of creamed coconut, blend of raw cacao and ground vanilla powder brings this chocolate to the next level.

Raw chocolate bars are also gluten-free and contain no refined sugar. As Ombar states: “We think that all the ingredients we use in Ombar should do us good. That’s why all Ombar ingredients are natural and minimally processed to deliver as much goodness as possible“. And they are right pure indulgence and joy with a clear conscience.

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5. Benefit Chocolate

Benefit – Vegan Chocolate with Vitamins, Protein and Energy

Benefit offers Triple Pack dark chocolate with 85% Cacao enriched with the source of fibre and protein making it a delicious snack with a BIG chocolaty hit!

Benefit Chocolate was awarded the winner of the 2019 World Food Innovation Awards for Best Confectionery Innovation. No wonder theirs chocolate bars not only packed with antioxidants due to high content of cocoa but also enriched with vitamins and proteins as an extra burst of nutrients as well.

All of these come in one gift set, so you don’t have to choose which one to have!

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6. Conscious

Conscious – Vegan Chocolate Bars

Conscious Chocolate is a premium brand organically certified chocolate, handmade in the UK in small batches from the finest, ethically-sourced, raw ingredients Peruvian cacao and the essential oils ingredients sourced around the globe. Conscious states that chocolate does not contain refined sugar so that chocolate lovers can be conscious of quality and health, without compromising on taste!

Flavours range from Citrus Zest and Refreshing and Creamy Peppermint to the Fruity Orange and A Smooth and Creamy Turkish delight! ts packaging is fully recyclable made from a compostable film and wood fibre that can be composted. The bars also have been certified by the Vegan Society.

It comes in a bundle of four so you’ve got to experience them all. Enjoy a moment of vegan pleasure from Conscious!

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7. Moo Free

Moo Free – Vegan Chocolate Bars

Thanks to these bars from Moo Free, which offers a range of ethically-made luxury chocolates for vegans and for people with food allergies and food intolerances. Moo Free is made from a combination of high-quality single-origin cocoa mass from plantations in the Dominican Republic. Then the cocoa mass is blended with raw, unrefined, organic cane sugar and rice powder to produces a velvety smooth, rich chocolatey flavour.

Due to the adherence of no animal and allergen conscious strict policy, each of these chocolate bars is free from dairy, gluten and soy.

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8. Nomo

Nomo – Vegan Fruit & Crunch Choc Bar

Another addition to the vegan chocolate world was introduced by NOMO with the mining of “No Missing Out”. This fruit and crunch choc bar have a perfect combination of smooth creamy texture with crunchy crispy pieces and juicy raisins. According to NOMO, they spent years to perfect their recipes and the taste of this delicious chocolate says it all!

Suitable for dairy, egg, gluten, peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers.

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9. Seed and Bean

Seed & Bean – Cornish Sea Salt Vegan Chocolate Bar

Seed and Bean 100 % organic and ethical chocolate bars are sourced and handmade in England and it’s all about nature and creativity, natural flavours blended with pure cocoa beans.

Cornish Sea Salt extra dark chocolate is made from rare Ecuadorian Nacional cocoa beans and blended with smoked sea salt harvested from the clearest of Cornwall’s water. This sophisticated chocolate bar contains 70% of cocoa which beneficial for health and it’s also palm oil-free and comes in compostable packaging.

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10. Pana Chocolate

Pana Chocolate – Organic, Handmade Vegan Chocolate Bars

Raw and organic handmade and vegan, chocolate with consciousness at its core offered by Pana Chocolate Australian company. Chocolates have a smooth, rich, and silky textures with sophisticated flavours due to its high-quality raw ingredients picked globally. A handpicked cacao pod from Bolivia. A coconut from the Philippines. Cold-pressed cacao butter from Peru, Indonesian coconut nectar and Mexican dark agave. Wild carob from Spain and organic cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

Chocolate bars are full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They don’t contain preservatives and also gluten-free and soy-free, plus certified by Vegan Society.

Pana Chocolate Multi-Pack containing one bar of each flavour: Sour Cherry & Vanilla, Coconut & Goji and Mint, amazing flavours for any day!

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11. Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline

Hazel Nut Praline – Swiss Dark Vegan Chocolate Bar

Indulge yourself in this delicious creamy hazelnut with a praline oat and quinoa filling coated in velvety dark Swiss chocolate. It’s organic, high in fibre, gluten-free and 45% less sugar than a regular chocolate candy bar. Ummm Yummmm!

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Do you want to know how chocolate is made and what are the benefits of eating chocolate? Find out by reading Your Gude To Vegan Chocolate.

What’s your favourite vegan chocolate? Are you a lover of dark chocolate or nut-milk chocolate? Let me hear about your indulgence experience in the comments below.

Despite the title, we don’t recommend that you forget that you are vegan. Being vegan is one of the best things you can do for yourself, the environment, and the planet. These chocolates will make you realise that you’re not missing out on one of the best food items that you’d be worried about.

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