When it comes to vegan food, Korea is not the most vegan-friendly country in the world. My husband and I spent three days in Busan wondering around looking for vegan cafes and restaurants. Bear in mind, we checked vegan places on Happy Cow first and every time we reached the destination, it was either closed down or the owner ‘closed it for the day’ at random times. This could be due to COVID 19. After many disappointments, we at last found the Palm Tree Cafe.

I was stunned to see how full this place was. It has an amazing vibe and very friendly staff/owner. 

Eating Vegan Spicy Zoodles

The price of food was reasonable for the type of place and the drinks were amazing. Quite often we find tourists in vegan establishments in Korea. It was good to see that this place is popular amongst locals too (although they seem to be here mostly for the Instagram-worthy decor and delicious drinks). 

Vegan Menu

The sausage was very tasty but the burger was just okay. The presentation was beautiful and the drinks were delicious.

Vegan Steak and Beyondmeat sausages

We went on a Sunday afternoon after surfing at the beach nearby. It’s a bit of a journey from the heart of Busan, but we’d gladly do it again, it’s totally worth it.

Avocado Chocolate