I couldn’t have enough of this amazing fruit indulging myself in its juicy delights. Mangosteen is often called “Queen of tropical fruits”

Mangosteen – Fruits Must Try In Sri Lanka

When it’s in the season which is May to September, you will be able to find the Mangosteen in certain regions of Sri Lanka in Matale, Galle, Kalutara, Gampaha, Kegalle and Kandy that well-known for growing this wonderful fruit. You can also find them in abundance in Colombo when they are in season. I was in Colombo during its season and my weekly fruit basket always contained at least three mangosteens.

It is not difficult to open the fruit. Just press firmly on the outside of the shell and twist until it cracks revealing the sweet fleshy cloves of Mangosteen. The taste is so addictive, it quenches your thirst and satisfies your hunger. And it’s not only that, it’s packed with medicinal properties offering tons of benefits to our health.

According to dailynews.com, not many people are aware of the medicinal values of its pericarp. The pericarp has anti-cancer properties and anti-inflammatory properties whereas the fruit have nutritional values.

The pericarp is a rich source of a chemical compound known as  Xanthones, which has resulted in anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-ageing, and antidiabetic effects.

In Sri Lanka, people use to make health drinks, tablets and powders from this magical fruit 🙂

Tip for Buying Mangosteen

The main tip is to be able to squeeze the mangosteen equally from all sides. If it’s hard from one side then it’s not a good mangosteen.