7 Plants That Can Keep Insects Out Of Your House

Do you want to get rid of the harsh smell of the insecticides? Planting and choosing the right shrubs in your garden can make bugs automatically stay away from you. I will share with you some of the plants that can keep insects away from your house.

Plants That Can Keep Insects Out Of Your House:

1. Basil

This plant isn’t only great in salads, pasta, soups, and other recipes. They are also effective in keeping away house flies as well as mosquitoes! Above all, it’s an easy plant to grow. You can plant basil in containers in outdoor areas where you prefer to relax or entertain visitors.
You can even make a repellent spray by boiling fresh basil leaves into water and squeezing all of the leaves’ moisture into a container.

2. Lavender

Most people love the smell of lavender. But mosquitoes, flies, and other insects hate it. You can place tied bouquets of lavender in your home to keep unwanted insects away. Be sure to plant it in sunny areas of the garden to help keep those areas free of pests.
Like Basil, you can use the extracted moisture or oil from the flowers as a mosquito repellent.

3. Lemon Grass

Lemongrass are rich in citronella. This has been a staple ingredient for many insecticides and mosquito repellents.
You can place this by your doorstep or near your windows. This is definitely one of the plants will keep insects away from your house.

4. Rosemary

This plant repels a variety of insects that are harmful to vegetable plants. You can grow them in containers on your patio likewise in landscaped beds because some varieties can grow quite large.

5. Sage

Similarly, sage can be grown in containers on a patio or into landscaped beds. This plant is perfect if you often spend time in your background to repel and keep insects away. You can also toss this plant into bonfires. Insects hate the smell of sage and will therefore draw them away from you.

6. Mint

Like lavender, mint is great at drawing mosquitoes away. The only drawback of planting mint is it spreads aggressively and may take over other plants. Be sure to plant mint in pots or containers, and place them near your doorways.

7. Chrysanthemum

This plant contains pyrethrum, which is one of the ingredients often used in natural insect repellents.
Many insects like spiders, ants, ticks, fleas, spider mites, cockroaches, and even bed bugs hate the smell of this plant.
Use these flowers as a background plant in your home to keep these unwanted insects at bay.

In conclusion:

Pest-repelling plants can not only save you from buying insect repellents that are harsh-smelling, but they can also bring fragrance and make your garden, porch, or even indoors more beautiful.
Try planting a few of these to keep the insect population contained.

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  1. Shelley

    Good information. I have several in my garden and cut them occasionally to use inside my home.

  2. Areil

    Great info. I’m always looking for ways to reduce bugs wanting to come in my home. Thanks.

  3. Karis | Don't Dream, Just Travel

    I live in the city and have a balcony where I’ve tried to grow many of these plants. Unfortunately, I don’t think they like my balcony or the small space I have as I haven’t managed to keep them alive longer than a month at a time!

  4. Diana

    Interesting read! I already love Basil and Mint, and to get some pots for my kitchen, so this definitely sealed the deal 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Lorelei Bryan

    Great information on natural ways to combat a common problem.

  6. leena

    these are such beautiful plants and their scents are gorgeous, I had no idea that they had all these other benefits. I would never have thought my basil and mint plants can help deter mosquitos! thank you so much for sharing this, definitely referring to this in the future.

  7. Evie

    Wow! I love this! I’m going to look into not only adding some of these plants or oils around our home but planting them in our garden and entry ways to help keep the bugs away.

  8. Headphonesthoughts

    I had no idea lavender can help with keeping insects out of the house. It such a beautiful plant.

  9. Natascha

    oooh perfect, looks beautiful AND keeps insects away! Double advantage 😀

  10. Krysten Quiles

    Okay this is AWESOME info, I’m in the market for some new plants!


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