King Coconut – Amazing Fruits to Try in Sri Lanka

Trying out the king coconut myself
King coconut – amazing fruits of sri lanka

All About King Coconut:

Sri Lanka is blessed with an abundance of this fruit. After all, it’s an Island of coconut. Natives called it Thambili which means the colour orange.

Side Note: Oranges (the fruit) in Sri Lanka are actually green which caused a lot of confusion in the language when English oranges were first introduced to Sri Lanka.

King coconut – amazing fruits of sri lanka

Its bright orange colour can be identified from a distance. The younger the coconut the brighter the shade of orange it would be. Older coconuts will have thick and dull skin.

It’s available year round and it’s everywhere. It can be seen on the beaches and in roadside kiosks throughout the country, on the backs of bicycles, mopeds and trucks.

A king coconut fruit stand
King coconut – amazing fruits of sri lanka

It was almost impossible to walk pass by and not to stop and to relish its drink, especially on a dry and hot day. Its water is so hydrating, refreshing and tastes sweet with tropical flavour.

Tasting the distinctive sweet taste of king coconut water
King coconut – amazing fruits of sri lanka

Usually, the roadside vendor will ask you if you want them to cut it open for you and have it on the spot. They normally cut it at the top around the stem end create a sloping edge. Once you finished its delicious water, ask them to open the coconut in half so you can taste its flesh which is a soft and sweet gelatinous layer.

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King coconut – amazing fruits of sri lanka

In my experience, not many vendors will do it for you until you ask them to. The younger the coconut the lesser flesh it will have and sometimes none. Perhaps this is the reason that vendors don’t usually offer to cut the coconut in half.

Benefits Of Coconut:

This fruit’s water is a natural purifier and dehydrator to our body. It is not a secret that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals and extremely beneficial for us.

King coconut
King coconut - amazing fruits to try in sri lanka 7

In Sri Lanka, King Coconuts grow even with little to no human intervention, and you can cultivate it without using any pesticides or fertilizers which makes it really healthy and nourishing!


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