There is so much confusion between custard apple and sugar apple. People in Sri Lanka tend to interchange between sugar apple and custard apple. But they are two different fruits by their look although they taste very similar.

Sugar Apple – Amazing Fruits in Sri Lanka

Sugar Apple

Sugar apple has bumpy green or red skin looks like an artichoke and when its ripen it is easy to break the fruit in half which will reveal its creamy – white, soft and delightfully fragrant juicy flesh. The flesh is soft and grainy with a large number of inedible black smooth seeds. The seeds are normally separated in the mouth and spat out. Its sugary sweet taste is very addictive that it is well worth the trouble.

Custard Apple

Custard Apple – Amazing Fruits of Sri Lanka

Custard apple covered by a green, yellow or red skin which is thick but not hard and it has a pattern of a reptile’s scales. Like the sugar apple, its flesh contains a lot of black smooth seeds which can be discarded easily.

The flesh can be juicy and creamy as well as hard. The flavour is sweet and pleasant and tastes like custard. The closest I can describe to as eating strawberries with very sweet pear and cinnamon. Absolutely delicious!

You can buy them in Sri Lanka in supermarkets, fruit shops and at roadside stalls.

Both sugar apple and custard apple are irresistible for its tastes and aroma that loved by many!