Visiting Organic Farm For Best Durian

Visiting a Durian Farm

Our friend Eddie in Johor knows how much I love durian and he decided to organise a visit to an organic durian farm.  Durian is eaten at a farm usually tastes better.

We arrived on Saturday morning at 10 a.m at the farm and we found a very long queue for durian which was not a surprise after seeing several coaches parked nearby, joined the queue along with other people from Singapore and China who were ready to pay a high price for the quality of durian.

Waited in the queue for around an hour without any results. After some time, some people started to leave and eventually we decided to do the same because of the hot weather.

Even though we didn’t get to eat durian at the farm, I learned some interesting facts that I like to share.


  • We found out from the farmer that it is best to get durian early in the morning.
  • Durian falls from the tree naturally, the fruit will fall on nets set up between the trees.
  • Plucking Durian by hand is considered not allowed. Only fruits that naturally fall are sold to make sure that the highest level of quality is maintained.
  • Visit the farm by 7 am on a weekday to get the best quality, freshly fallen durian overnight.

Although, we had to leave without durian, going to the farm was an experience. We saw tall trees with hanging fruits and learned about how durian grows and gets picked up.

  • People in Malaysia say when you eat durian you feel hot and that it has a warming effect on you.
  • People celebrate durian festivals. Families, seniors and youngsters go out in the night for durian experience. Durian is a big thing during the short season.
  • There are so many types of durian that grow in Malaysia. From dry and bitter to creamy wet, fleshy and skinny, fruity and caramel flavoured.
    Whilst I prefer some over others, I would gladly eat any type. If you haven’t seen the article for different types of Durian, you can find it here.

Check out all you can eat durian buffet.

Find out how to avoid bad durian fruit here.

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