Sri Lankan Exotic Fruits – Guava

Guava looks like a pear but much bigger in size and is a very popular fruit in Sri Lanka.

At first, I wasn’t too fond of this fruit it’s because I was eating it unripened.

Every time I buy guava, I assumed that it is ready to be eaten regardless of its hard skin and sour taste. So I couldn’t eat it on its own and used to add into fruit salads incorporating with sugary fruits or adding into a juice. I wasn’t eating it completely raw but didn’t give a chance to ripen fully.  

One day when I thought that guava was soft enough I tried a piece of it and yet it was sour, instead of chucking the whole fruit I decided to leave it in the fruit basket. I forgot about it and week later I discovered the most delicious, soft and creamy yet refreshing taste I ever experienced in guava. Since then I buy guava and let it sit for a good week or more before I will truly enjoy this delicious fruit.

Here in Sri Lanka, people add chilli powder and salt into pieces and love eating this way. When you mix guava with spices it releases it’s sweet and sourness and gives an extra kick to natural savoury of the fruit. You can see many street vendors sell chopped guava with spices in a bag which is ready to be munched on the go.

My tip: Don’t be put off by this delicious fruit because of its sour taste and hard skin. Just let it ripe fully and enjoy.

Guava has very powerful health benefits. It is a super fruit due to the numerous health benefits that it offers. It is extremely rich in vitamin C and A and contains a lot of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

1 cup (165g) of Guava contains 377 mg of vitamin C of your daily allowance.

Health Benefits of Guava – Fruits You Must Try in Sri Lanka