Veganism vs. Plant Based – What’s the Difference?

There is a lot of confusion between plant-based diet and veganism. We are here to clarify a few things and help you understand the key differences between veganism vs plant-based diet.

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Plant-Based Diet

People who choose to follow a plant-based lifestyle tend to be more health-conscious.

A plant-based diet is a diet that consists of the only plant-derived food such as vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits. Just like vegans, those who follow a plant-based diet avoid eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey.

The motivations for a plant-based diet is usually due to being health conscious. Those who follow this diet usually focus on healthy food such as whole grains, organic fruits and organic vegetables and avoid processed and packaged food whenever possible.

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Followers of this diet tend to promote the message of eating a plant-based diet can not only prevent and treat but also reverse most common and deadly diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.


Vegan is strictly against animal products in every form whereas a plant-based diet is not necessarily restricting about wearing or using animal products. But they both agree on excluding all animal and animal byproducts in the form of food which is where the majority of animal exploitation occurs.

Vegan pizza with cheese substitute
Pizza with vegan cheese substitute – processed junk food

Vegans are more focus on animal rights and spreading the message of veganism. Although their diet is similar to those who follow a plant-based diet they tend to consume highly processed meat and dairy replacements e.g. vegan cheese, vegan burgers etc.  

Plant-Based Lifestyle

There is also a plant-based lifestyle where the health-conscious plant-based diet is followed along with avoiding all animal products in clothing etc. but without the activism of veganism. Followers of a plant-based lifestyle often promote health benefits without animal rights activism.

Those who are plant-based argue that they can end up saving more animals by not consuming processed and packaged food as well as reducing the use of avoidable medication by living a healthy life.


People who follow a plant-based diet is centred around the diet and usually focused on health, whereas veganism is a lifestyle that focuses on animal welfare. Although both groups avoid eating animals, there is a difference in their food choices and lifestyle. In both cases, the end result is the minimization of animal exploitation.

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Inga K

Inga became vegan in March 2018. After a series of documentaries that hit hard, she and her husband switched to a plant-based diet within a week and vegan soon after. Inga has a UK Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition.


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  1. Cayla

    Great read and to the point. I now know exactly the difference between the two lifestyles!

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    This is very clear. Thank you so much for sharing the specifics for each. Really appreciated your post.

    Pastor Natalie

  4. Mikhaela Alyssa Adarve

    There’s always a good debate here. They are both similar but still need a good practice to start which healthy lifestyle would fit your health. I’ve learned a lot in this post.

  5. Malaika Archer

    Thank you for identifying the differences. I always used to think the terms were used interchangeably.

    • Clumsy Cakes

      Interesting I always thought they were the same thing.

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    This is such an awesome and helpful post! Thank you for identifying the differences and laying out everything in a simple way that was easy to understand! <3 thanks for sharing!

  7. Kaybee Lives

    This is so helpful! I had always just lumped them both into basically the same package, but now I know the differences! It definitely helps when we are trying to cook for friends who have different diet restrictions that I can really know what needs to be included or excluded from recipes.

    • julie

      Thank you for clearly describing the differences between the two. It’s good to be informed!

  8. Thrive with Mariya

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Before I read your article I thought plant-based eaters and vegans are following the same diet. Now I understand that vegans tend to eat more processed foods and meat and dairy imitation foods.

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