People, who recently adopted a vegan lifestyle, normally complain that they fart a lot. I experienced it myself, during the first two weeks of my vegan diet. I had an incredible amount of gas and looked like I had swallowed a balloon every day for breakfast. It was very uncomfortable and embarrassing at the same time to the point that I considered quitting this diet.

Likely, it didn’t last for long. I found out that right at the beginning, I was eating a lot of fibre and because I was a new vegan, my gut microbiome was low on fibre-digestive microorganisms which causes an incredible amount of farts.

Well, being entirely honest as a carnivore, I had more and enough issues with the digestive system anyway, beans were definitely a no-no for me. I rarely ate any carbs and mostly concentrated on “protein” in meat as I thought It was extremely important for survival. Meat doesn’t have any fibre and a big shift in your fibre intake can cause more gas than usual.

Video – Portlandia and vegan farts.

The good news, it’s all temporary. The more you eat fibre the better you will feel. After two weeks, I have noticed that I was totally tolerant to beans, legumes, mangoes, soy, chickpeas. What happened is that fibre-digesting microorganisms were dominating my gut, and the flatulent started to go away.

Fibre is incredibly healthy for you for so many reasons. Don’t be put off by farts, it becomes a non-issue very quickly. Being vegan also kills your social life so it won’t matter all that much anyway. 🙂

Here the tips for new vegans to ease the symptoms of farting during the first few weeks on a vegan diet while taking a high fibre intake.

9 tips to ease the symptoms.

1. Take a digestive enzyme with the meal.

2. Take probiotics. Check with your pharmacist for probiotics that don’t contain lactose.

Pharmacist looking for probiotics.

3. Soak the beans the night before. Boil in water until they fully cooked and then rinse them with cold water.

Beans and legumes.

4. I started doing yoga on a daily basis and it definitely eased the symptoms of flatulence by settling my gut by being active.

Practicing Yoga.

5. At the beginning try to avoid eating raw cruciferous veggies such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and best to eat them steamed or cooked. Raw crucified veggies increase gas.

Broccoli, cabbage – cruciferous vegetables.

6. If you are looking for natural enzymes to balance your gut bacteria then fermented food like sauerkraut, vegan kimchi will definitely help with the symptoms.

Sauerkraut – natural enzyme.

7. Apple cider vinegar is another remedy which helped me reduce the gas. First thing in the morning I drunk a glass of water with a spoon of vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar.

8. Drink a lot of still water. Bubbly water increases gas and certainly not what you want.

Drinking still water.

9. Instead of processed vegan food such as meat substitute and cheese substitute try to eat whole food instead such as mushrooms which will definitely help with the transitioning process.


Problem Solved – No more farting!

These nine tips helped me and my husband with our transitioning process a few years ago. I hope this helps you as well. If you have more tips I would love to hear from you. Please let me know what I can add to this list.